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Video Courses Migration Notice!
August 22nd, 2017 10:30 pm     A+ | a-

Image source: LaibaWeb

We would like to inform you about the migration of our video courses to a much bigger platform, Udemy.
Our customer base is growing and we find it much useful to migrate our videos to a platform which can support a lot more students with no interference and even make learning much fun.

WYSIWYG Web Builder Essential Training for beginners now appears as Front End Web Design using WYSIWYG Web Builder like a pro under the free category on Udemy.

Designing a Portfolio website with WYSIWYG Web Builder appears as Web Design for Beginners: Using WYSIWYG Web Builder under the paid category for $20 on Udemy.

We finally have Designing an ecommerce website with WYSIWYG Web Builder which also appears under the paid category for $25 on Udemy.

Udemy frequently runs promotions on video courses and during these times, the prices of video course are reduced drastically. I hope you'll take chance of the current one running to get any of our paid courses.

Please take note that from 22/09/2017, the video course account section will no longer be available on our website https://dapsonishmea.com due to this migration.

Kindly take action now and join over 2500+ people on Udemy learning from our videos.
Thank you very much for being with us and continuing to support us in all we do.

We so much appreciate.

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